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ARTIFICIAL "intelligence"???

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

For ages now, we have become victims of a.i.

One of the earliest examples was when automated teller machines replaced human beings in banks; and automated check-in machines took over the jobs of sky cap valets at airports.

Forbes Magazine projects that over 2 Billion jobs will be lost within the next 2 years to insidiously programmed robotic "intelligence???."

Whenever you can:

° eschew the automated check-out lines in sundry and supermarket chains

° support farmers markets and independent grocers

° collaborate with free-lance musicians, authors, painters, etc.

° go out and play REAL athletic games ~ not mind-controlling videos


The very best methodology to beat a.i. is to THINK & CREATE.

According to a.i. expert Kai-Fu Lee, the jobs that will survive the reach of these robots are those that require creativity.

Creators who beat a.i. don't type faster; they express humanistic emotions and express them from the heart.

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