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Yahweh (God in Hebrew) blessed us with our conscience after the egoic narcissistic disobedience of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Our inherent desire to know the difference between good and evil was granted to us through our conscience, this spiritual filter God placed within us.

We must never, ever ignore the conscience's promptings, silence its voice and allow it to become calloused.

Our conscience is a built-in warning system that protects us from danger, harm and most importantly, the Divine Knowledge of right & wrong.

We should never be troubled when our conscience bothers us.

We should be troubled when our conscience doesn’t.


1) Always pay attention to that inner nudging that makes you stop and question your decisions.

2) Think of your conscience as Godly DNA that keeps your heart pure.

3) Examine your motives in all "giving" situations: is it truly from your heart; or for approval's sake, or to egoically outdo others?

4) If you think you may have hurt someone’s feelings, immediately ask for their forgiveness.

5) Constantly invite God to help you perform a Soul MRI, and reveal the changes that need to be made in your attitudes and actions.

6) To the very best of your ability, don’t knowingly involve yourself in compromising and temptation situations.

7) Always have compassion and consider others 1st, honoring them with your words and actions.

8) Remember that your conscience is your moral compass. 

9) Establish ethical guidelines in all of your business dealings and personal relationships.

10) When a thought leaves you feeling unsettled, take time to pray and talk about it with The Holy Spirit.

A clear conscience is cleansed by the blood of Christ Yeshua, because on the cross He offered Himself unblemished to God!

Many eminent psychologists confirm that a clear conscience is 10x better than happiness!

When He hugs you, it feels like Holy Water on your skin, streaming from Yeshua's tears of joy...............

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