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As we culminate '23 and skyrocket to '24, the most important activity that a couple can share is to PRAY TOGETHER.

As Christ Yeshua lovingly instructed us:

"When 2 or more of you are gathered in my name ~ I am there with you."

That's DIVINE INTIMACY to the max!

Guided and inspired by The Holy Spirit, Christine and I edited an existing prayer and made it our own.

We speak-out the forthcoming Marriage Covenant every day while holding hands across the table from each other ~ speaking from behind our eyes:

° Our marriage is not a 50-50 arrangement.

° Our union is a purposeful mutual agreement to give 100% of ourselves to each other.

° Ours is a LIFETIME COVENANT between you and me.

° Ours is for better or worse.

° Ours is for richer or poorer.

° Ours is for sickness and in health.

° Our promise is to be united until our Rapture or parted by death.

° "We have been crucified with Christ Yeshua and no longer live ~ but our Savior + Redeemer lives in us."

° We have mindfully died to self-interest and live only in the WE.

Eternal Love + Gratitude!


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