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As the 50,000 year old Aborigine culture teaches us:

“We should only speak THE TRUTH from behind our eyes”.

It is critical that when challenging situations occur, and they will occur, that we sit down directly across from our partners in a mutually agreed-to quiet place, with:

° no cell phones

° no televisions

° no little kids

° no friends


These 1 speaker at a time discussions should be respected with neither partner over-talking, screaming or finger-pointing.

“YOU” statements must be replaced by “whenever this happens, I feel this way.”

Thus, the partner does not feel cornered and realizes that they do not have to prove and / or protect themselves.

Always feeling 100% safe, really listened to and most important of all ~ respected in a relationship, creates Heaven on Earth!

Constantly handing out UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS Monopoly-like “Get Out Of Jail Cards”, keeps the relationship flowing and unhindered by perceived wounds.

Both partners must agree that this world is only a temporal and transitory existence.

It makes a HUGE difference when the partner feels safe in doing what they feel is best, rather than being controlled, manipulated and encapsulated with blame, shame and guilt.

Rough patches and mountains to climb are inherent in all couplehoods.

Christine and I are truly graced that God is in the very middle of our DIVINE INTIMACY relationship, holding each of our paws.

When we turn to Him and Him only, we will receive the Divine guidance and assistance that we need to overcome anything and everything.

For our own good and spiritual growth, many of God's blessings are wrapped in obstacles.

We should always ask Christ Yeshua to bless us with His Calvaric strength, discipline and bravery, in unwrapping these seemingly uncomfortable deterrents.
And then supplicate Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit in Hebrew) for His wisdom, to fully understand the blessing contained within.

We must learn to live a life of no expectations in Divine Allowance, abiding solely by His holy will.

And heartfeltly acknowledging that “this is the day that the Lord has made” is a heavenly treasure.

Letting go and letting God is the greatest freedom of all!

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