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Born 600 years before The Messiah, Jeremiah served as God's spokesman to Judah, but when he spoke, nobody listened.

Consistently and passionately he urged them to act, but nobody moved.

He was:

° poor and underwent severe deprivation to deliver his prophecies

° thrown unjustly into prison, dumped in a cistern and was taken to Egypt against his will

° rejected by his family, neighbors, friends, the false prophets, the high priests and kings.

Throughout his life Jeremiah stood alone, declaring God's messages of doom, announcing the New Covenant, and wept over the fate of his beloved country.

In the eyes of his world and today's global standards, Jeremiah was and would be considered a HUGE failure.

But in God's eyes, Jeremiah was 1 of the most successful people in all history!

Success, as measured in Yahweh's eyes, involves obedience and faithfulness.

Obedient to his calling, regardless of opposition, apathy and severe personal cost, Jeremiah courageously and faithfully proclaimed the word of God.

The basic theme of Jeremiah's message is "Repent and turn to God or He will punish."

Because the people rejected his prophetic warnings, he began predicting the destruction of Jerusalem.

Key verse in Jeremiah's book in the Bible:

"Your own wickedness will punish you.

You will see what an evil bitter thing it is to forsake the Lord your God, having no fear of Him."

Sound familiar?

BIG MILITARY and BIG PHARMA will continue backing the play of the Zionists, turning their backs on God at the mercy of the innocent Jews and Palestinians.

Because of the mind-murdering and brain-controlling lies of the mainstream news and social media, there are walk-the-walk "voices crying in the desert", but nobody is listening.
We must stop playing monkey-see, monkey-do and heed their call.

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