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Updated: Apr 22

No conspiracy theory, BRICS is forging ahead with its digital currency:

Chief points:

° Humankind is literally on the tipping point of Freedom versus Fascism.

° Implementing their digital currencies will allow the EU and U.S. Federal Reserve to track us and our every purchase.

° The U.S. Federal Reserve will soon uptick a % hike to devalue the €uro.

° The Rothschild Central Bank cartel that owns the world, will attack the BRICS crypto with their own central banks digitals.

° As already tested in America's bought & told what to do proxy China, soon we will be judged "spending-worthy", based on our Social Credit Score.

° Even our savings could be wiped-out if our banks need a bail-in, or we are not spending enough money, based on their criteria.

° Certain items such as beef can be negated at the check-out counter, if we have surpassed our "climate crisis" contributing monthly allocation.

Folks, this is another brick in the wall for The WEF's 1 World Order re-set.

NOW is the time to invest in tangible assets such as


Together as a human collective, we can push back this global dictatorship by refusing their fascist dictums and staying in cash as long as possible.

Sleep with 1 👁️ open.............

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