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Ruach Hakodesh infuses us with His gift of INTUITION.

The more that we purify, the easier it is to tap into His 4th dimensional realm, where there is no past or future ~ only the Eternal Now.

He is that INNER VOICE that we should be silent and laser-focused listening to.

As our intuition grows, our life becomes much, much easier to navigate.

Rather than relying on just the 5 physical senses of sight, smell, hearing, touching and tasting, we can enjoy the blessing of knowing things and circumstances before they are realized in the 3d dimension.

Ruach Hakodesh's gift of intuition also protects us from engaging with evil people, being in dangerous places and avoiding hazardous situations.

Walking in downtown Frankfurt, I intuited that I was in danger, when suddenly a noiseless electric car drove up from an underground garage, and He told me to not walk across the exit.

Obediently, I stayed motionless as the car missed killing me by just a few inches.

Some of my most memorable intuitive gifts:

° During the Vietnam War military draft lottery on July 1, 1971, I intuitively knew that my number would be 359, so I wrote it down.

Since the news was broadcast over the radio, when I heard that my number was exactly as I intuited, I celebrated by drinking 3 six-packs of beer.
° After already catching 3 huge sailfish, I intuited that there was a marlin with my name on it in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Mazatlán, Mexico.

Complaining that he was tired and that there were no marlins in the area, I promised the deep sea fisher boat Captain Fidel my prized tiger eye ring if he found me one and he did, a 160 pounder.
° I intuited that my friend's longshot horse would come in 1st at the Santa Anita Race Track, and we went only for the 7th race.

The steed winning by a neck, I pocketed $3,000 on only a $100.00 bet, and then found a $100.00 bill in the parking lot.

Bottom line__________when our intuition is surrendered 100% to the control of Ruach Hakodesh, He always helps keep our feet on the straight and narrow path to Heaven.

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