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THOUGHT DISCERNMENT in our 3d dimensional world is the key to making the right decisions at the right time that serve us and others.

Our God-given free wills are a dual edged sword, because we can err on the side of danger and evil.

Even the most sentient animals like dolphins, primates and eagles, are created with built-in instincts from birth, that control their behavior and assure their survival.

Humankind on the other hand, is born totally unaware of who we are, of our surroundings, and of those other human beings that are holding us and making funny faces and noises.

From birth, we must learn the world from scratch.

Praying humbly for the help of Ruach Hakodesh when having to make tough decisions, creates Divine Momentum that removes the training wheels off of our mental bicycles.

We become Divinely empowered to discern good from evil, right from wrong and what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God.

To have a totally clear consciousness that discerns correctly, we must eliminate or significantly reduce, all unnecessary distractions such as insidiously mind-controlling videos, music and social media.

To enjoy a preternatural peace that is far greater than any understanding, we must learn to quiet our minds completely.

When we are silent and have already surrendered our very souls to Ruach Hakodesh, we are blessed to thinks His thoughts and look at our brothers, sisters and circumstances through His Divine Lense.

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