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Ruach Hakodesh's gift of ENLIGHTENMENT is divinely eye-opening.

Emulating a Himalayan mountain guide, The Holy Spirit walks next to us holding a lantern to illuminate our paths.

Due to our free will, we can always choose to see where He is leading us with eyes that really see.

Upon surrendering our very wills 100% to Him, we will think His thoughts and see others and circumstances through His Divine Lense.

Sometimes His enlightenment is like a flashlight shining on a situation, and when it is of vital import, He will radiate a laser to intensely focus us.

Life on Earth is similar to a military boot camp preparing us for Heaven.

Disciplines to achieve preparatory Earthly enlightenment:

° Purify by constantly praying

° Give non-stop thanks and praise for EVERYTHING

° Be impeccable with your word

° Don’t take things personally ~ what is said & done belongs only to the doers

° Never assume anything, always ask probing questions to learn the TRUTH

° Always do your very best so performance regrets are eliminated

° Be silent constantly & contemplate Ruach Hakodesh’s downloads

° Exercise vigorously outdoors

° Slow down, laser focus and be methodical in all actions

° Speak to Yeshua like He’s your very best friend ~ He really is.

Read the bible very slowly, allowing The Holy Spirit to enlighten and direct your consciousness to the passages that will serve you the best in The Eternal Now.

Just as when a wave realizes that it is part of the ocean, our epiphanic moment comes when we discern that Yahweh's Kingdom is inside of us.

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