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Even though The Holy Spirit is infinite in His powers, DIVINE HEALING is the grand finale to the 9 gifts that we can discern as humans.

Ruach Hakodesh's healing is necessary in all phases of our lives:

° Spiritual

° Mental

° Emotional

° Physical

Even though I have sinned egregiously, thank God my conscience has never allowed me to choose hell as an option.

That is why I surrendered 100% of my very will to Ruach Hakodesh 3 years ago, so that I am blessed thinking His thoughts and seeing others and circumstances through His Divine Lense.

An old Hippie friend of mine used to Christically say:

"Repenting and forgiving are FREE ~ so go ahead and heartfeltly express them."

We are living in the age of perdition, knocking on the door of The Tribulation.

The abomination of homosexuality is rampant, and social media is revoltingly turning humankind into approval seeking robots, that are no longer their true selves.

The HUGE majority of us are embracing the 7 Deadly Sins instead of the Word of God:

° LUST = pornography is growing exponentially and "soft porn" is becoming more and more the abnormal "normal" in TV commercials; with men kissing men and women almost totally undressed.

° WRATH = Video games are mind-murdering children, desensitizing them to believe that violence and revenge are key elements in life.

° GLUTTONY = morbid obesity continues growing and destroying people's lives.

° GREED = The Golden Calf is being worshipped like never before, with people literally killing others for mega- money: BIG PHARMA and BIG MILITARY.

° ENVY = TV ads and reality shows are promoting our unworthiness, so that we crave the material nonsense and photo-shopped images that others have.

° PRIDE = satan's key sin, egotists and narcissists dominate conversations talking about their self thinking and how much they know, never compliment others.

° SLOTHFULNESS = a product of millennialism, people feeling entitled and not working for what they can achieve.

The most important sin that is not on this list is MURDER.

Since 1900, over 1 BILLION babies have been murdered through abortion and today's Cains continue KILLING innocent Abels, because of jealousy or media programmed out of control rage.

As Yeshua declared, "don't call evil good and don't call good evil."

In Luke 18:25 Christ Jesus confirmed that:

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Ruach Hakodesh's DIVINE HEALING will bless us with hearing Yeshua proclaim upon our entering the gates of Heaven:

"Well done my humble and faithful servant."

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