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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Artificial Intelligence known ubiquitously as "A.I.", is not artificial at all.

It is the purposeful creation of "coders" that are replicating actions by machines that can be deemed moral or immoral.

The virus-like ultra learning process seems to the uninitiated to be stupendous or horrific.

A.I. has further "millennialized" the Earth, by making more and more people lazy and careless, allowing programmed machines to write their books, manage their lives, create websites and worst of all ~ replace jobs for human beings.

Remember the good ol' days when you actually stood in front of a teller in a bank or a Skycap at an airport and had an interpersonal interaction?

Based on monetizing Golden Calf fear mongers like multi-millionaire Mo Gawdat, the world is supposedly in a perilous state:

Not so ~ these are still and always will be machines that have NO IMMORTAL SOULS and can easily be unplugged.

Just like all of us should unplug from all the fear mongering YouTubers and really place close attention to the Great Re-set Oligarchs, that are demonically programming the programmers.

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