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Forget about the WEF / UN's 2030 RE-SET, this dystopian nightmare is right now upon us.

I have fact-checked the fact checkers relative to already vetted Neil McCoy-Ward.

He is a remarkably precise socio-political economist that invests thousands of hours to share the TRUTH:

While the 5 manipulated and weaponized One World Order mainstream media channels distract us with a pajama clad leader visiting Washington, D.C there are nefarious undertakings underway by the Rothschild central banking empire alphabet soupers:



° UN


° IFA (International Financial Architecture.

Besides very soon taking away our civil liberties and freedom of speech, these draconian institutions arethisclose to creating a One World Order digital currency that will have the power over your funds to:

° Customize its use for individuals

° Be frozen or seized

° Holding time can be limited

° Can be taxed automatically

° Fines and penalties can be levied automatically

° Purchases such as meat, airline tickets (in France) and gas can be limited

° Expiration dates can be applied if not spent as quickly as required

° Limits on spending can be set arbitrarily

° Location limits c/o "the 15-minute cities"

° Time limits can be randomly set, or confiscation will take place

Bottom line________this abstract means of exchange for perceived value is going from holdables (cash), carriables (credit cards), wearables (digital bracelets) to wrist insertables already implemented in Sweden.

The One World Order is creating the perfect storm through their Global Digital Network of internet governance and restricting the freedom of the people.

"Imagine" ~ John Lennon's eponymous song being our current reality:

"Imagine no possessions, wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger ~ a brotherhood of man.

Imagine all the people sharing all the world.

And the world will live as one..............................

Not under one world order but as one people under God.

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