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Michael Yon ~ a decorated Green Beret reports on the exacerbating weaponized alien invasion on vetted and fact-checked Redacted News:

Chief Points:

° 10,000 people (3.6 Million per year) are illegally crossing into America every day

° They are being assisted by The Homeland Security Agency and The Texas National Guard.

° The Governor of Texas is a member of Klaus Schwab's draconian World Economic Forum that actively promotes the displacement and replacement of refugees around the world.

° 55,000 square acres (86 square miles) have been purchased with taxpayer money for the establishment of modern ghettos.

What ever happened to America*s "debt ceiling" crisis?

° The U.S. border with Mexico is the #1 source for human trafficking in the world!

° Many of those crossed are children that the Mexican cartels have designated to be sex slaves.

Once they reach puberty around 13 years of age, the slaves are spiritually, mentally, emotionally as well as physically destroyed.

They are then murdered for organ harvesting (videoed "live" on the deep web for thousands of views making millions of dollars), where just the heart commands as much as $250,000.00 on the black market.

Please join me in praying for all of the innocents ~ especially the children.

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