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Tim Ballard ~ former CIA & DHS operative, confirms on vetted and fact-checked Redacted News, the horrors of the world's human trafficking cartels:


° Except for weapons dealing, human trafficking is the most lucrative crime in the world!

° As long as the Trillionaires that own the world and their WEF puppet leaders are pedophiles themselves, they will eagerly promote child slavery until "we the people" expose them and bring them to justice.

° Once they reach puberty around 13 years of age, the slaves are spiritually, mentally, emotionally as well as physically destroyed.

° They are then murdered for organ harvesting (videoed "live" on the deep web for thousands of views making millions of dollars), where just the heart commands as much as $250,000.00 on the black market.

Please join me in praying for Tim Ballard and his indefatigable and valiant efforts.

And most importantly ~ all of these innocent children.

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