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Harry Styles' "Sign of the Times" perfectly describes the apocalyptic state of today's society:

° "Welcome to the final show

° Can't bribe your way into the door (heaven's)

° The end is near

° Always stuck and running from the bullets

° We never learn, we've been here before

° We don't talk and open-up enough

° Got to run!"

We are living in a world that is rapidly dumbing-down and trashing-down.


Preparing future leaders in the world of innovative, revolutionary thinking is vital to our planet's future.  


Lamentably, the majority of humankind are programmed sheeple, led by evil Pan's flute playing of artificial intelligence(?) cacophonies. 


As a boy in San Francisco wanting to become a missionary priest in Africa, I always considered myself a Judaic Christian. 


Just read a heart-touching Jewish immigrant’s story of how a young boy and his siblings sold shoe laces and day old New York newspapers in the 1890's, to barely put food on the table.


And loved more to learn how he handed his mother those pennies, that she set some aside to share with those even less fortunate.


Just as Abraham tithed 10% of his earnings to Melchizedek in The Old Testament, today's ultra wealthy must give generously to the poor.   


Emulating Christ Yeshua's humbleness at The Last Supper washing His apostles dirty feet, we must all care for those in need of spiritual and financial purification. 


The manipulated and weaponized mainstream news and social media approval-sponge platforms, are purposely leading Earth's people down the evil path of personal idolatry.


Yet, I have never, ever been more hopeful for a renaissance of love, peace, happiness and abundance than right now, because it literally cannot get any worse.


We must all pray to Ruach Hakodesh (The Holy Spirit in Hebrew) more than ever before, for His gifts of infinite mental clarity, co-manifestation, inspiration, intuition, guidance, enlightenment and comfort. 


It is a shame that today's lost tribes focus more on their differences, than their inherent commonality instilled by their creator.

There are way too many "Golden Calfers" and too few Moseses.

Due to humankind's apostasy, we have become narcissistic and egotistic exactly as in the worst times of perdition.


Together, all 8 Billion of us can change the world, but we must first like Moses did, purify ourselves individually.

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