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Christine's and my goal is to promulgate the sanctity of matrimony throughout the world, inviting and including Christ Yeshua as our 3d partner in a DIVINE INTIMACY relationship.

The current negative social statistics are mind-blowing and staggering:

° Domestic violence taking place in 50% of all committed relationships

° Marriages in America lasting only 2 years

° 25-year-olds making love only 3 times per month

° Depression and sleep deprivation becoming plannedemic  

° HUGE masses addicted to mind-murdering / brain controlling marijuana, opioids, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, pornography and all types of illegal drugs

° Children becoming addicted to weaponized & manipulated violent video games, as well as TV's blatant and subliminal demonic programming

° Reality show victim-hood dramas are leading to a rapidly increasing depression and ensuing SUICIDE rate in America ~ the highest since World War 2.

From the “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention”:

“Opioid use increases suicidal rates among drug users and their children and families.

The opioid epidemic may harm entire communities’ mental health.

The entire community is falling apart and bleeding."

Look at others and yourself only through The Holy Spirit's DIVINE LENSE, by surrendering your will 100% to Him.

This gift of self-discipline will bless you with seeing yourself and others exactly as God sees.

Eschewing the previous "YOU" that wore many masks and had to meet other people's expectations, to feel validated.

Then, and only then, you will start the healing process by truly loving yourself, so that you can love others and others can love you.

You will then open the door to a totally new, honest, healed and refreshingly FREE LIFE.

And that new existence will provide you with utmost joyfulness, strength, compassion and the highest highs of all:


Gender equality has its basis in the Bible as narrated in the creation story.

Genesis 1:27 states:

 "So, God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female."

Christ Jesus spoke to women exactly as he spoke to men, with frank and vital authority.

Emulating His love for His mother Myriam, Christ Yeshua treated women with dignity, respect and took a genuine interest in their being treated equally.

And also wanted men to take that 1st step onto The Stairway To Heaven, without slipping on their narcistic egos.

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