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Today's children see less of a future and spend little if any quality time with their parents, as they see more and more of their friends dying.
This is more reason than ever to crack down on media abuse and substance misuse.

Mind-murdering social media is contributing to:

° plannedemic depression

° rising suicide rates

° fewer meaningful personal interactions

° unhealthy comparison with others

As chronologically aged adults, NOW is the time to truly heal ourselves 100% and stop skipping from partner to partner.

As well as looking for love in all the wrong places, especially on-line dating sites and bars.

What a horrible place to meet a potential partner in a bar when they are mind-altered by alcohol & drugs.

Or not being their true selves by wearing approval seeking masks, depicting themselves when they were 20 years younger and 30 pounds less heavy.
These types of match-making situations, especially on-line dating, usually result in only DEALS between people that are so unhealed that they seek only:

° COMPANIONSHIP = because they are so needy and not SELF ACTUALIZED that they cannot be by themselves, and take the necessary time to heal.

As well as share space with a wrong-for-them and sometimes abusive person, just to not feel lonely.

° FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE = with money as the primary reason and what it can buy, it becomes the chief (cheap) source of commonality in the relationship.

° CHILDREN = wanting to have a family with a terribly mismatched horrible partner, just to have something to hold onto later on in their lives.

° ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP = as mentally sick as it is, some people seek relationships not only to not be lonely, but to fake working, be financially supported and be verbally and sometimes physically abused.
And as the final dopamine kicker, they purposely make someone else’s life miserable, simply because of their deep hatred for themselves.

Hurt people, hurt people.

Be bold, and take that 1st step onto The Stairway To Heaven.

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