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DIVINE INTIMACY can only be co-manifested by 2 people committing themselves 100% to the Lord + to each other.

Once that covenant has been made, the relationship becomes much, much easier and a lot more fun.

The satanic 1 World Order Cartel through its manipulated and weaponized mainstream media and social approval platforms, is constantly making us feel:

° ugly

° not worthy

° not driving the right car

° not wearing the right clothes

° not wealthy enough

° not taking the right pills

And ultimately causing the spiritual, emotional and psychological cancer of self hatred.

The inherent value of cuteness has completely gone out the window.

The term “BEAVEE” ~ which I coined a long time ago, means “as cute as a beaver, little bear or otter.”

For me, it’s critically important that couples ALWAYS look for what is GOOD in the partner and not what is bad in the partner.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must possess the innocence of little children, having unbridled fun and just being outright silly are key ingredients in bringing joy to a relationship.

In admiring and nurturing what is Beavee in our partner, the way that we see them completely changes for the common good.

In these Sodom & Gomorrah days of biblical sexual abominations, the LGBGT & QRSTUVW.....XY&Z organizations are promoting satanic relationships!

Bottom line________________in couplehoods that are meant to be blessed with DIVINE INTIMACY and be long-term, it is critical for:



Prime examples of a shared love relationship, gallantry amongst men and ladylike comportment amongst women should return to our society.

And with MUTUAL RESPECT EQUALITY being the chief goal and its solid foundation.

All of these little manifestations of kindness and terms of endearment shared on a daily basis, culminate in having the best sexual relationship imaginable.

Yahweh (God in Hebrew) proclaimed:

“Let us make mankind in our image, in our image and let them rule."

So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Sex is an act of worship through which two human beings, a male & a female reflect the image of God.

A God who is more than one person in The Holy Trinity and yet One.

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