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Exactly like in the ancient Tower of Babel, we live in a world where everyone is talking but nobody is listening.

Humankind is mind-murdered by all of the distractions that the mainstream media demonically produces, as well as its addictive brain crippling non-stop cell phone use.

Saint Paul in Philippians 2:5 states:

"Good listening goes hand-in-hand with the mind-set of Christ.

It flows from a humble heart that counts others more significant than ourselves."

In our narcissistic egotistic fake reality show-like existence, we are A.I. programmed and CONTROLLED to ALL speak the same drabble, drivel, nonsense and foolishness:

° "I'm dialed in man."

° "That's Gucci."

° "I'm shooked."

Televised sports ~ especially football, have been insidiously programming males during the last 60 years, by reducing their vocabularies to unintellectual and unintelligible babble.

We must all self-actualize and dare to be different than the robots the powers that should not be want us to become.

The goal of effective communication is for listeners "to have ears that really hear the TRUTH."

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