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Updated: Mar 1

° America's CIA and England's MI6, combined forces after WW2 to establish a secret fascist mercenary organization to keep America in Europe and Russia out.

° Their chief goal was to create "a strategy of tension so that citizens will sacrifice their personal freedoms for security."

° The P2 (also known as Propaganda Due) was an Italian Masonic organization and secret society that operated from 1945 to 1981.

° The Italian Masonic lodge was implicated in numerous country wide crimes and mysteries including:

* The Vatican Bank scandal

* The death of Pope John Paul I

* The murder of Vatican banker Frederick Keinszig.

° America's top secret "black budget" is managed by the Military Industrial Complex, not Congress.

And paid for by America's taxpayers, bolstering the HUGE profits primarily of:

* Raytheon

* Lockheed Martin

* Boeing

* Grumman Northrup

Because these companies make TRILLIONS OF $'s, the wars in Ukraine and Israel will never end.

And will only escalate conventionally; while the dogs of war are waiting for the big bone to chew called Taiwan.

And going nuclear will never be an option, because of its end-game finality, and negates the infinite promulgation of BIG MONEY conventional weapons.

Ukraine is NATO's proxy, football field and weapons testing ground.

Palestine is the ZIONIST'S crisis actors murder camp similar to Auschwitz.

NATO will continue to foment Western European FEAR and sabotage their own operations, to increase profits for the Military Industrial Complex.

Please join me in praying for the innocent Ukrainians, Russians, Palestinians and Israeli citizens, that had ZERO input in this never-ending murderous nightmare.

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