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The forthcoming link is vetted and 100% TRUE:

The total nightmare for humankind:

° @ the 15 minute mark, please pay very close attention to the fact that the central banks will have the ability to set an expiration date on YOUR money!

° Under the FedNow program, all of your transactions are watched and not private.

° The U.S. Federal Reserve and Treasury Department are not so merry-go-rounds.

° They are similar to placing an unleashed wolf to watch your chickens.

° Both "selected" current officer holders are passionate proponents of Keynesian Economics:

"by increasing its spending, a country can dig itself out of a difficult economic situation such as a recession or a depression."

° That is why America is $34.7 Trillion in debt.

Spending $1Million per day, it takes 2,075 years (without interest) to divest just $1 Trillion.


Adam LeBor's book Tower of Basel, is the first investigative history of the world's most secretive global financial institution, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the central bankers' own bank.

Created by the governors of Rothschild's Bank of England and the Nazi Reichsbank in 1930, and protected by an international treaty, the BIS and its assets are legally beyond the reach of any government or jurisdiction. 

The bank is untouchable. Swiss authorities have no jurisdiction over the bank or its premises. 

The BIS has just 186 customers, but made tax-free profits of over $3 Trillion in 2023.

Since its creation, the bank has been at the heart of global events, but has gone unnoticed. 

The BIS accepted looted Nazi gold and conducted foreign exchange deals for their Reichsbank.

And was used by both the Allies and the Axis powers, as a secret contact point to keep the channels of international finance open.

In 2002 the BIS, still behind the scenes, launched the uro. 

The BIS stands at the center of efforts to build a new global financial and regulatory architecture.

And once again, proving that it has the power to shape the financial rules of OUR world. 

Yet, despite its pivotal role in the financial and political history of the last century and during the current economic crisis, the BIS has remained largely unknown, until now.

There will always be a "black market" for cash.

Unbeholden financial cognoscenti recommend staying in a strong holdable cash/cash position as much as possible, and be ready to trade it for the South African Krugerrand 50€ coin.

Sleep with 1 👁️ open.............

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