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The Messiah was born in Bethlehem, because of his parents Yosef and Myriam having to travel 90 miles from Nazareth to be counted in a Roman census.

Joining a caravan for safety's sake, the 5 day journey was extremely exhausting for the young couple.

An expert carpenter, Yosef built a sturdy oxcart for Myriam to ride in, while he walked alongside his trusty burrito Sohbi, who carried their provisions, clothes and blankets.

Already feeling slight contractions before the arduous journey began, Myriam knew that the birth would soon take place, because of the constant rustling of the oxcart.

Upon arrival, Yosef begged the Bethlehem innkeepers for just a simple room,
but was repeatedly turned down.

Meeting a shepherd in front of the inn that had just bought the last room available for his mother-in-law visiting from Damascus, the flock tender offered him his home's adjacent cave.

Cautioning Yosef that the cavern would have to be painstakingly cleaned before his wife gave birth, Yosef shook Jacob's hand and promised to pay him a shekel for a 5 day stay.

Waving off Yosef's payment offer, the kind old shepherd said that the young couple could stay for free and that his wife and daughter would help with the baby's delivery.

Blessed that they had arrived in the afternoon, it provided Yosef the necessary light to remove all of the cattle excrement and bring in several bales of fresh hay.

Watching Yosef toil vigorously, Gabi ~ Jacob's oldest son offered to help.

In just a few hours the duo had the cave perfectly clean and safe, since Yosef found some fresh wood that he used to patch the openings in the cavern's ceiling.

Grateful for the young carpenter's work, Jacob offered to provide them with hot meals during their stay.

And which would not be very long, because Myriam's water bag had just broken and the 14 year old girl started writhing in pain.

Summoning his wife Adina and daughter Talia, both ladies lovingly attended to a sweat drenched Myriam, until the little boy appeared, inhaled His first breath and let out a seemingly joyful cry.

Asking the young mother what the baby's name would be, Yosef piped-up and said that an angel told him in a dream to name him Yeshua, which means salvation.

Jacob called out to all his neighboring shepherds to join him and his family in celebrating the Nazarene's couples new blessing.

The flock tenders toasting them with cups raised, Yeshua would later humbly say to His disciples that he came to this world "to be celebrated, not just tolerated."

And celebrate they did until the wee hours of the night, with Adina and Talia ladling out generous portions of freshly made lamb stew.

After all the celebrants had departed, Yosef snuggled alongside Myriam leaning on the hollow's
smooth entrance wall, hugging her joyfully and sneaking sniffs of the newly born Messiah's cute little head.

The exhausted and gleeful new parents were immersed in the most sacred divine moment in humankind's history.

Saint Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5:19:  

"God was in Christ Yeshua reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them.”

Jesus came to Earth to take on Himself the sins of a doomed humanity, so “that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

Thank you & Happy Birthday, Yeshua!

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Unknown member
Dec 25, 2023

Happy birthday Yeshua!

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