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Copy Writing

We at CCC are dedicated to assisting businesses and organizations communicate their message much more effectively.


Published in AMAZON.COM, we specialize in copy writing, a unique form of personalized expression, that focuses on creating compelling content that captivates readers.


We work closely with our clients to fully understand their message, audience and goals in order to craft custom-tailored communiques.


Our team of experienced copy writers are passionate about creating high-quality rhetoric that engages, excites and most importantly creates sales!


CCC features an experienced and comprehensive text editing team, that focuses on improving the understanding of your writing.


Together, we will collaborate with you on eliminating redundancy, run-on sentences, spelling errors and creating space between expressions.


We know that crystal clear communication is key, and are 100% committed to helping you achieve your sales producing message for your target audience.

Ghost Writing

CCC also specializes in ghost writing for books, magazines and periodicals.


Our team of experienced published writers will hands-on work with you, creating scripts that are custom tailored to your specific needs.


We are empathetic in helping our clients create content that is enticing, effective and ultimately theirs to copyright after approval.

Proof Reading

Audio Book Narration

@ CCC, we also feature audio book narration, a unique form of communication that brings stories to life through vocal dynamics.


We collaborate with the industry's most talented voice actors to create captivating and engaging audio books, that can be purchased and enjoyed by listeners of all ages.


Whether you are a publisher searching for a professional narration or an author seeking to have your book narrated, we can help bring your story to life.


CCC excels in text translation.


Based in Frankfurt, Germany, our reach is world-wide.


Our team provides its gifts of 3 mother tongues:

  • German

  • English

  • Spanish


We ensure that every translation is perfect and always crystal clear.

CCC firmly believes that professional 100% error free crystal clear communication is imperative.


Due to our laser-focused assistance, your documents will always be accurate and easy to understand.


Bottom line________ it is your professional reputation that is at stake and we will do our utmost to assure that it remains impeccable.

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